Chongqing haide hardware co., LTD. Is a professional design and development, production and manufacturing of doors and Windows hardware products comprehensive company, products include: intelligent locks, door locks, two-point locks, inside open inside turn, outside turn and other series.
国际品牌认证 A series of groundbreaking innovations has given our company a well-deserved global reputation
多年生产经验 Our years of production experience, to bring you better products and services, so that you can use at ease
高级信誉要求 Strict product quality testing, to give you high-quality, high-quality products, to ensure the company's high reputation
DEVELOPMENT HISTORY We should treat cooperation with integrity, guide cooperation with win-win results, seek common development, and abide by commitments.
Registered and established "chongqing haode hardware co., LTD." 70 acres of investment in the high-tech development zone of Rongchang District, Chongqing Registered as “Ruian Tongde Hardware Parts Processing Co., Ltd.”
01 Win logistics socialization unlimited business opportunities with quality services and open up a new model of modern service industry with service innovation.
05 Our products are more cost-effective in the market, with a complete set of solutions to win the majority of customers praise. 02 After receiving the customer's business requirements, the first thing to do is to communicate with the customer to understand the specific requirements of the customer.
04 Our products in the national information xx cities, after - sales shop covers the country, the industrial base has developed well. 03 Help customers to provide product processing solutions, technical guidance, after-sales maintenance, etc., the first time to understand the specific requirements of customers.
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